Our History

Our History

Our company has been successfully operating since 2002, trading as SPI Property Inspections.  In 2018 we launched a new brand, The Home Inspection Hub, allowing us to refocus on our traditional market within the residential space.  We continue to operate as an independent inspection company, covering Melbourne and Central Victoria.  The Home Inspection Hub operates as a sister company to SPI Property Inspections, which is now dedicated to providing a range of inspections within the commercial market.

The Hub team comprises Inspectors, who have extensive knowledge and skills within the construction industry. They have completed close to 10,000 inspections of new and existing homes.

With the rebranding process, we also took the opportunity to re-evaluate our company’s mission statement.  At The Hub, we endeavour to keep our clients well informed so they can be more comfortable with making decisions about their residential investment.

Overall, our goals are to provide:

  • peace of mind, by giving you an honest and fair assessment
  • specialised inspections to investigate a specific problem and how it can be rectified
  • an independent eye on the construction build by providing reassurance to the owner
  • renovation advice for those attempting a new project.

This is a memorable time for The Home Inspection Hub.  As we move into an exciting period of growth, we look forward to delivering consistent and quality service to our clients.