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Thanks so much for your quick response time, your prompt attention to this is greatly appreciated. I really appreciated your good honest feedback- thank you so much!

Gail H & Maureen W, Vendor Inspection clients, October 2018

Thank you so much for the quick email and thorough report!

Matt C, Final Inspection (PCI) client, September 2018

Thank you for the inspection, we really appreciate your prompt service!

Emily and Gary H, Pre-Purchase Inspection client, September 2018

I really appreciated the prompt feedback and clear communication!

Mark W, Pre-Purchase Inspection client, August 2018

Thank you so much for your prompt and detailed reports. It has been a pleasure working with you all!

Naomi and Stephen M, New Home Inspection client, August 2018

Thanks Garry! This is very comprehensive and exactly the kind of inspection we were seeking. You also got the report out to us quickly after the inspection which is appreciated! Thanks again!

Timothy C & Karlee G, Pre-Purchase Inspection client, July 2018

We received a very professional vendors inspection of our property by Rohan (One of The Hub’s inspectors). Rohan explained the area that required our remedy ie maintenance before we considered the sale of our property. (It was) very helpful! In our view, we would consider Rohan to be a very good representative of your company.  We were very happy with the inspection!

Robert P and Gail H, Vendor Inspection clients, July 2018

Very satisfied and was happy with the customer service. It was an easy process, the price was affordable and the service was friendly.

Peter M, Pre-Purchase Inspection client, July 2018

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